RO 1000 GPD Cisso machine
RO 1000 GPD Cisso machine
RO 1000 GPD Cisso machine
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05 Jun 2021
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Specification of RO 1000 GPD Cisso machine

RO 1000 GPD Cisso machine capacity of 3000 liters per day or 125 liters per hour, Water Partners

Description of RO 1000 GPD Cisso Machine

Cisso RO 1000 GPD machine uses the latest and revolutionary 6 stage system. With additional bio energy, and carbon filtration to give you clean, refreshing drinking water. There is no other system available anywhere to provide all three types of purification in a very simple system.

Bio Energy returns minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ions, which are wasted in the filtration process.

Mineral water after the filter has a balanced proportion of minerals, which is needed for the health of the human body

RO 1000 GPD Cisso machine equivalent to 3000 liters per day, able to meet your fresh and healthy drinking water needs.

RO 1,000 GPD Cisso Machine Specifications:

2 RO membrane housing units capacity of 500 gpd
2 RO membranes with a capacity of 500 gpd
4 filter housing 10 ", sediment filter, GAC and carbon block (CTO)
2 RO 36 Volt booster pumps with a capacity of 500 gpd + AC / DC adapter
1 post carbon
1 low pressure switch
1 high pressure switch
1 RO faucet goose neck
1 stainless steel T faucet
1 solenoid valve
1 auto flash valve
1 key filter housing opening
1 membrane housing opening lock
Iron plate frames on coating
This Reverse Osmosis machine is suitable for hospitals, boarding, restaurants, dormitories, drinking water depots, contents of offices, factories, laboratories etc.

In addition to selling RO 1000 GPD Cisso Machine, Water Partners also sell spare parts and equipment for RO machines, including: RO membranes, sediment cartridges, CTO, RO hoses, RO connectors, etc.

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