RO 75 GPD Bio Energy 6 Stage Machine

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Bio Energy 6 Stage RO 75 GPD Machine, RO Machine equipped with Bio Energy Cartridge makes water produce healthier, Water Partner

Product Description Bio Energy 6 Stage RO 75 GPD Machine

The contamination of potable water sources, be it PDAM water, bore well water by heavy metals and other contaminants, especially in urban areas, forces many people to buy bottled water for bottled water or water from drinking water depots refill for drinking or cooking purposes.

However, it still leaves a problem. AMDK gallon water is quite expensive, and Gallon water from Refillable Drinking Water Depots is of doubtful quality, for example UV lamps and filter media which should be replaced, they are not replaced. Or sometimes the source of raw water used is not clear.

Therefore, Water Partners provide solutions by providing Bio Energy RO Machine 75 GPD 6 stages. In the RO Machine screening process, all heavy metals and other minerals are wasted which makes the resulting water become almost pure water. Even though there are some minerals that are needed by the body to be wasted. For that, the water from the RO Machine needs to be added to several types of minerals needed by the body, such as: calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. And mineral minerals are obtained from bio energy cartridges that are installed in the final RO Machine process

RO 75 Machine Bio Energy 6 Stage GPD is widely used for households, restaurants, hospitals, clinics and others.

Bio Energy 6 Stage RO 75 GPD Machine Specifications:

1 piece RO 75 gpd membrane

1 pieces RO 24 volt dc booster pump complete with adapter

3 pieces filter housing 10 "contains GAC, spun and carbon block filters

1 piece of plastic tank holding water resulting in a capacity of 9 liters, pressure of 100 psi

1 piece bio energy cartridge

1 pieces post carbon cartridge

1 pieces solenoid valve

1 pieces High pressure switch

1 pieces Low pressure switch

1 piece RO faucet faucet goose

1 pieces pressure gauge

Iron plate frames on coating

Size 550 x 330 x 430 mm

Power: 30 watts

In addition to selling RO 75 GPD Bio Energy 6 Stage Machine units, Water Partners also sell RO engine spare parts including: bio energy cartridges, RO Machine connectors, RO dc current booster pumps, spun cartridges, solenoid valves, RO membranes, RO hoses, HPS, LPS and others


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