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Water Filter Medium

Commonly Used Water Filter Media Types
Silica Sand
This sand is very different from sand in general. This water filter media can be used effectively in water filtration. Selan filters sand water, silica can separate water and mud and other particles contained in water.
Activated Carbon
Activated carbon is the most commonly used water filter media. Activated carbon is considered very effective in filtering various kinds of foreign particles contained in water such as sediments. In addition to filtering water, the activated carbon can also eliminate unpleasant odors in the water content.
Zeolite Sand
Although both are in the form of sand, zeolite sand has different uses with silica sand. Zeolite sand is more suitable for use in open water storage or open tubs such as swimming pools and fish ponds. Ziolite sand has advantages that can increase oxygen levels in water, this water filter media is very suitable for fish and shrimp entrepreneurs.
Sometimes people also call it cat's name. Because this sand material is also often used as a place for pet cat pups.
Ferrolite serves to reduce the content of iron in the water. The high levels of iron in water cause the water to have a rust odor, a cloudy or yellow color, and the appearance of oil on the surface of the water.
The function of manganese in the water filtration process is to reduce the content of mn 2+ manganese dissolved in water. Excessive manganese content can cause unpleasant odors in the water accompanied by sparkling water surfaces like oil appears.
Above are some of the media commonly used to filtrate water. In its use, usually a water filter company will insert a different filter holder to maximize filtration results. With so many water filters filtering the water becomes clearer, cleaner, healthier and does not smell.