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Seawater RO Machine

In general, water is called seawater if it has a minimum salinity of 2% (20,000 mg / l), where the average salt content in the sea is around 3.5% (35,000 mg / l). There are significant fluctuations depending on the region. The salt content in the Mediterranean Sea is around 3.8% (38,000 mg / l) and in the Red Sea or the Arabian / Persian Gulf around 4 - 4.5% (40,000 - 45,000 mg / l), while the salinity level is much lower in the Sea The Baltic or the Black Sea. With the help of the Sea Water RO Machine system, sea water can be processed in such a way that it can be used as drinking water or even as process water for industry.

Designed to purify water with salinity of up to 40,000 ppm total dissolved salt (sea water around 35,000 ppm TDS). Our Sea Water RO Machine is able to purify the most salty water. Our Sea Water RO machines have the ability to rejection salt (rejection) up to 99%. Our Seawater RO machines are custom made, and are capable of producing any volume of pure water from the most salty raw water.