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Mitra Water Surabaya

Tap Water Reverse Osmosis

Small Capacity Freshwater RO Machine

Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology goes beyond conventional water filtration capabilities, using a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities from the water. Water filtration using Reverse Osmosis provides low-maintenance, chemical-free treatment options to help achieve clean water for household needs, consumption, and production processes. We provide a wide range and capacity of reverse osmosis systems so you can determine the right RO machine for your home or business.

At Mitra Water Surabaya, there is a small capacity fresh water RO machine with capacities ranging from 150 to 6000 liters / day / 24 hours. Requires a small electric power because it uses a DC current pump, is one of the best-selling factors of this RO Machine.

This machine is able to fill your gallons of drinking water with fresh, efficient and hygienic quality drinking water. Often this small capacity fresh water RO machine is bought for the purposes of production process water with a discharge requirement that is not too large.