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Drinking Water In Packaging

Bottled Drinking Water

The Bottled Drinking Water Factory (AMDK) uses a complicated process and requires high standards of professionalism. When we talk about water packaging, many things must be considered, such as concerning cleanliness, safety, and pollution. To give a successful production process, you must choose only the best machines available on the market.

We supply, assemble, and design state-of-the-art bottled water machines, which can be scaled and adapted to the size and needs of your industry. We have ten years experience in the field of beverage packaging machinery assembly and we rely on a team of experts whose competence will guide you in choosing the best solution for your business.

Many choices of our bottled drinking water packages such as bottled RO, mineral bottled water, bottled drinking water bottles, bottled water bottles + gallons, etc.

Mitra Water Surabaya provides spare parts, equipment and machinery needed to complete your bottled drinking water plant, also provides maintenance, repair and replacement of filter media.