UF Ultra filters Filtration capacity of 18.000 litres per hour

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02 May 2023
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Ultra Filtration

Specification of UF Ultra filters Filtration capacity of 18.000 litres per hour

Ultrafiltration is one of the filtration processes using UF membranes with 0.01 micron pores that separate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from clean water. The ultrafiltration system forces water to enter through the membrane. The particles are suspended with great pressure to pass through the membrane layer. Only fresh water and dissolved minerals pass. Drinking water machines with ultrafiltration systems are new technologies in drinking water filtration systems as well as for just the need for clean water.

The technology with the ultrafiltration system is one step ahead of the filtration system, because the filtering system uses a filter or cartridge with pores of 0.1-0.5 microbes in absolute or definite size While the filtration system uses membrane filtration or filters with pores amounting to 0.01 micron. Therefore, the water produced by the ultrafiltration system is of course more sterile because the membrane filtration size is smaller than the size of the bacteria.

Ultrafiltration machines are often used in peatlands, muddy water sources, RO machine feeds, etc. The use of filtration systems on the unit the machine RO has some advantages, namely:

1. Filtration System inhibits microorganisms and bacteria get into the machine, so the machine RO RO can work much more optimally

2. with the filtration system can extend the life of the membrane on the engine reverse osmosis

3. with the system in complete sets and proper engine maintenance costs can decrease R -Equipment Specifications:

-3 UF Membrane Housing Units UF Membrane Unit 3 the capacity of 6000 liters per hour

-1 Unit Supply Pump Multistage Centifugal 5 HP

-1 Unit Housing Stainless Steel Cartridge 30 "+ Catrdge -The pipe Inlet 2 "; Pipe Outlet: 1.5 "

-2 units of Pressure Gauge Selector Switch + + Panel + TDS panel

-Stainless Steel Frame

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