1000 Liter Ultrafiltration Machine Per Hour

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29 Mar 2022
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Specification of 1000 Liter Ultrafiltration Machine Per Hour

Ultrafiltration Machine Capacity of 1000 Liters Per Hour, Water Partners

Ultrafiltration machine (UF) is a filtration process that uses standard home water pressure to push water through a semi-permeable UF membrane. Ultrafiltration removes viruses, bacteria, and particles in your drinking water. High molecular weight particles and materials will be retained by the 0.02 micron UF membrane so that only fresh water and dissolved minerals can pass through.

UF membranes also have high chemical resistance to oxidants and chlorine, compared to reverse osmosis membranes, which cannot tolerate chlorine. So this UF machine is also suitable for prefilter on RO machines.

Advantages of Ultrafiltration Machines

Does not require a tank / toren

Because it does not require high pressure, this UF system can be installed on your household pump and connected directly to your faucet.

There is no reject water during the filter process (except the washing process)

In contrast to Reverse osmosis, the ultrafiltration filter process runs without reject or production waste water. Except for UF membrane flushing and backwash

Does not require large inlet pressure. As explained earlier, semipemeable UF membranes can be installed directly on your household pump. With a water flow pressure of +/- 1.5 bar, the water can enter through membrane holes 0.5-2mm in diameter with pores of 0.01-0.05

Low cost

The ultrafiltration system is a mineral storage that is good in your water, does not change the pH of your water, and does not need electricity. UF membranes are stable at various pH levels

Historically, ultrafiltration has been used in large water treatment plants and hospitals. However, thanks to technological advancements you can now install a strong undersink water filtration system in your home.

Such as the Ultra filtration filter machine with a capacity of 1000 liters per hour assembled from CV. Mandiri Business Partners. With the dimensions of the machine 60 x 45 x 135, this UF machine is suitable to be used as your RO engine prefilter


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