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Resin kation lewatit C-249
Resin kation lewatit C-249
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Sell Resin kation lewatit C-249

Specification of Resin kation lewatit C-249

Sell ​​Cation Resin through C-249 used for demine filters or softener filters. Contact: CV. Mitra WaterLewatit ® C 249 is a high-quality, cross-linked, standard gel water treatment resin acid cation exchange based on styrene / DVB polymer. Lewatit ® C 249 is very suitable for industrial water treatment applications including demineralization, service exchange and softening.Lewatit ® C 249 can be used in single bed and mixed bed applications. Lewatit ® C 249 shows a high ion exchange capacity that combines with mechanical strength and osomotic which is very good for long operating periods. Lewatit ® C 249 is supplied in a heterodispersion particle size distribution as round beads in the form of moist sodium which fully swells. Lewatit ® C 249 is prepared with a minimum fine amount (-50mesh particles) which results in low pressure losses during service.Information on order of passing cation resin C-249:Hub: CV. MITRA WATER Jln. Mawar 43 Surabaya Email: [email protected]: http://mesin-ro.comMalang Branch: Jl. Candi Telaga Wangi 48 Malang.


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