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Specification of ACTIVE SAND

Active Sand

Use of Active Sand

Do you know that excess water containing iron, manganese and sulfide in water cannot meet the standard requirements for clean water or water for the food processing industry?

Active sand is one of the filter media that serves to eliminate iron (Fe) in water. In addition to removing the active Fe content, it also removes a small amount of manganese (Mn2 +) contained in the water.

To be able to eliminate the iron / manganese content in water, it must go through an oxidation process, namely by increasing oxidation by an oxidizer which aims to convert a dissolved iron / manganese content into an iron / manganese that is not dissolved (sediment). These deposits will be filtered using active sand.

The period of use of Active Sand

Active sand has a usage period. So, the active period of using active sand depends on water conditions. If the quality of raw water decreases, the faster the replacement period for active sand filter media. However, the usage period on standard active sand will generally last for 1 year.

Besides Pasir Aktif, we also provide silica sand, manganese green sand, activated carbon and others

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