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Specification of Reverse Osmosis

Sea Water Distillation Filter Machine Into Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Freshwater, contact: Mitra WaterThe process flow of distillation of sea water into fresh water uses a reverse osmosis system or Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) in its purification. This water treatment process with this technology has been proven capable of filtering salts in very small sizes.
With this water distillation process sea water immediately becomes fresh which can be consumed. This water treatment technology is able to process every drop through several units of the engine element by the water filtration process.
Sea water through a pipe with a depth of one meter from the surface of the sea is sucked up with a pump to filter and first separated from impurities such as solid particles, plangton, sand, and others.
The process of working to treat sea water into drinking water is indeed quite complicated and very detailed.
In the salt water / brackish water filter unit is filtered from the sand which is carried in the water after it is free from water impurities particles collected in a tank (reservoir)
In order for the water to be truly clean it needs several stages of water filtration, in the filter element the seawater filter is filtered again. This is the final screening process for solid particles and is capable of filtering even the smallest particles.
The main component of this water purification plant is a seawater Reverse osmosis machine. In this unit fresh water and salt water are separated using a semi permeable membrane. Water flow will be reversed ie from salt water to fresh water through a semi-membrane membrane if given a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure.
In this unit sea water is purified. Initially salty can be neutralized so that it becomes tasteless. This water treatment machine utilizes a membrane that can remove the ions that cause saltiness so that fresh water is obtained. While the residue from the remaining salt is thrown back into the sea.
The water produced by this purification plant has mineral content that the body needs. The mineral content produced from this purification facility uses international standards so it is safe for consumption.
The process of water sterilization to eradicate germs and water purification microorganisms using chlorine with a certain concentration. Chlorine content is checked every day. The chlorine content used is still below the standard of 0.2 ppm. Or you can also use a UV lamp. So that water can be drunk directly without needing to be cooked.
Drinking water distillers themselves are of various types with a production capacity of processors ranging from 5,000 liters / day to 60 thousand liters / day or even greater on demand.MITRA WATER Jl. Mawar No. 43 SurabayaEmail: [email protected]: http://filterair.idMalang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi Temple No. 48 Malang.

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