KDK Activated Carbon Mesh Size 8 x 30

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01 Apr 2022
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Activated Carbon

Specification of KDK Activated Carbon Mesh Size 8 x 30

Selling KDK brand activated carbon.
Today's water filters require filter media. The filter media serves to purify water, remove odors, remove metal contamination, remove manganese, iron and remove yellowish color. This filter media has various kinds, namely:
-Activated carbon is a filter media that serves to absorb existing materials. This activated carbon is made from coconut shells.
- Silica sand is a filter media that serves to remove mud, small and large particles. Silica sand has several mesh
-Manganeese greensand is a filter media with Japanese technology that serves to remove manganese, iron and hydrogen sulfide content.
-Anthracite is a filter media that serves to remove water turbidity. The function of these objects is almost similar to silica sand. However, this anthracite has advantages over silica sand, including:
1.Higher carbon content
2.Resistant to water pressure
3.Has a filter power from the top layer to the bottom layer
-Cation anion resin is a filter media that serves to remove calcium in water or calcareous water. Cation anion resin uses a demineralization process which functions to remove mineral ions dissolved in water.
Zeolite is a filter media that functions to stabilize pH, filter water, water softener and remove iron and manganese content. This zeolite is used for fish pond filtration, industry, and households.

The filter media discussed is KDK activated carbon. This activated carbon contains multiple activated carbon which functions to absorb contamination, chlorine, pesticides and substances that cause odor. This activated carbon has several meshes as well which are used as needed. This activated carbon also has specifications, namely:
Mesh Size : 8 x 30
Iodine Number : min 750 mg/g
Specific Gravity : 0.45 - 0.55 g/ml
Humidity when Packed : 5%
max Ash content: max 5%
Particle size : min 95%

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