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Purolite resin cation C-100
Purolite resin cation C-100
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Sell Purolite resin cation C-100

Specification of Purolite resin cation C-100

Sell Purolite resin cation C-100 ex. The United Kingdom is used to filter water demin. Contact: Water Partners 081 2345 9 0404 CV.

Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin-Sodium Form

Principal Applications:

-Industrial softening

-Industria; demineralization when regenerated with acid


-High operating capacity

-Good kinetic performance

-Excellent physical and chemical stability

Systems:/p >

-Coflow regenerated system

Additional Information:

-Available in H + form

-Available in other particle size ranges

-Available in potable water grade

-Other grades available for counterflow regenerated system

Typical Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Polymer Structure

Crosslinked polystyrene gel with DVB


Amber, clear spherical beaDS


Functional Group

Sulfonic acid

The Ionic Form of the us Shipped

NA +

Total Capacity (min.)

2.0 eq/l (27.2 Kgr/ft3) (Na + form)

Moisture Retention

44-48% (Na + form)

Particle Size Range

300-1200 µm

<300 µm="">


Uniformity checked's (max.)


Reversible Swelling, Na + H + → (max.)


Specific Gravity

1.29 (Na + form)


Shipping Weight (approx.)

800-840 g/l (49.9-32.6 lb/ft3)

Temperature Limit

120 ° C (250 ° F)


Information order Purolite resin cation C-100:

Hub: CV MITRA WATER Jln. Keputran small market 2 No. 17 Tel: 031-5452872 Fax: 031-5355728, Hp: 081234590404, 087854160906, 085733669931, BB PIN: 5B1540B3 Email: [email protected] Website: ht

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