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Silica Sand For Lightweight Brick Production
Silica Sand For Lightweight Brick Production
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Sell ​​Silica Sand For Lightweight Brick Production, Water Partners
Use of Silica Sand for the Production of Lightweight Bricks

Light brick production using several materials including: Silica Sand, cement, quicklime and water so that it becomes a mixture, then added aluminum powder of approximately 0.07 percent.

This mixture is mixed, stirred and then printed. At the time of stirring there will be a reaction between quicklime and aluminum powder to produce hydrogen gas in the mixture.

From this hydrogen gas bubble bubbles form, making this mixture expand so that the volume expands twice as large. In the end hydrogen gas is replaced by air. Most of the volume of light brick is filled by air, which is approximately 80 percent. So that it is lightweight concrete or light brick that is insulating against heat.

At this stage, the light brick is compacted but still soft. Then the light brick is cut into the shape of the beam and put into the autoclave so that the light brick is hard. Inside the autoclave is heated by using steam at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius and at a pressure of approximately 10 bar. During this process silica sand reacts with quicklime so that it makes the light brick that was soft become hard, so it is ready, used as building material

Size of Silica Sand Granules for Production of Cold Bricks
Water Partners sell Silica Sand for the Production of Lightweight Bricks with fineness sizes below 30 mesh or 30 Up with washed conditions to remove clay, soil and organic impurities. Delivery to customers in two ways, namely bulk using a dump truck, or in zak 50 kg per zak packing.

Besides silica sand, Water Partners also sells lime as one of the light brick production raw materials

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