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Silica Sand For Air FIlter
Silica Sand For Air FIlter
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Specification of Silica Sand For Air FIlter

Media filter the water the most simplistic and most often found is silica sand. Silica sand which has a particular dimension / small dimension capable of filtering sludge which is on the water. But is unable to absorb the levels of manganese and iron / Ferrum and sulfides and many other elements that pollute the water.

Sand Filter filtration system using the medium of silica sand or silica sand are stacked on top of gravel, Sand Filter system serves to filter and eliminate the visible dirt eg turbidity, moss etc. Sand Filter Media usually have a power filter 20-30μ (microns). Filterability also depends on the brand / type of sand filter media that has a media sendiri.Biasanya aged 1-2 years (depending influence)

There are several criteria into consideration industry players in the use of these criteria include silica sand
    SiO2 content (Silicate)
    A uniform size
However, the paramount consideration is the actual level and uniform size. While the factor of color (white, gray, yellow, ciklat) just a matter of aesthetics or taste just because of the color of the silica sand does not give any influence on the quality levels.

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