The engine Reverse Osmosis Ro 50 Gpd equivalent 180 liters per day

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Reverse Osmosis RO 50 Gpd engine equivalent to 180 liters per day.

Is A Water Purification Technology That Uses Semi-Permeable Membranes. RO Machine Is Not Only For Cleaning Or Purifying Water, But Also Sterilizing Water From Metals (Minerals), Bacteria, Viruses So The Water Becomes Healthier And Can Be Drink Immediately. In addition, mineral-free RO filtered water can also be used for industrial purposes such as boilers, engine coolers, etc.

5 steps Reverse Osmosis Machine:

-Cartridge or sediment:

 This filter media is used in the water filter process which is useful for filtering or capturing fine grains from raw water from 1 micron to 5 micron.

-Gac :

 This filter media is granular or granular with a mixture of activated carbon on a coal and coconut base. GAC has a function as a good absorber of taste, odor, and other contaminants.

-CTO :

 This filter media has a sheet-like shape in the form of blocks containing activated carbon with a coconut base. CTO has a function as a chlorine catcher, absorbing odors, tastes and colors.

-Reverse osmosis membrane

 This filter media is useful for filtering pollutants in water by separating materials based on size and molecules such as TDS, bacteria, pollutants etc.

-Post carbon:

 This filter media has a function to restore water quality by absorbing unpleasant odors.

Specifications of RO 50 Gpd Reverse Osmosis Machine equivalent to 180 liters per day:

1 Booster Pump + 1 Adapter

1 Unit Reverse Osmosis Membrane 50 Gpd

1 Unit of Water Storage Tube

1 Unit Post Carbon

3 Units 10″ Filter Housing

1 Unit Filter Cartridge 10″

1 Unit Carbon Gac 10″

1 Unit Carbon Block 10″

1 Unit Goose Faucet

Steel Plate Frame

There are also various types of RO machines, one of which is the 100 gpd ro machine.

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