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Mitra Water Surabaya

Brackis Water RO Machine
Brackis Water RO Machine
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Sell ​​Capacity 5000 liter per hour Brackish Water RO. Contact: CV. Water PartnersBrackish Water RO engine specifications capacity of 5,000 liters per hour:    4000 ppm maximum TDS
    5 SS / FRP membrane housing units
    5 size 8 membrane units "
    1 unit supply pump
    1 unit of 3 Phase multistage centrifugal booster pump
    1 unit of stainless steel cartridge + cartridge housing
    2 units of pressure gauge + selector switch + TDS panel
    2 units of flowmeter
    1 unit of CIP system
    1 unit DOS system
    Stainless steel frameFor further information, please contact us:CV. MITRA WATER, Jl. Mawar 43 SurabayaEmail: [email protected]: http://jualkapur.comMalang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi 48 Malang Temple

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