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Mesin  Air Laut  Siap Minum
Mesin  Air Laut  Siap Minum
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Specification of Mesin Air Laut Siap Minum

Sea Water Machine Ready to Drink. Contact: Mitra Water 0822 3333 4224
We Assembled And Designed Sea Water Treatment Water Filter Machine into freshwater ready to drink. More Specific To Sea Water Up To Raw Water Tds <35.000Ppm, With Water Result <470 Ppm.
And Applications That Are Suitable For:
1. Barge Ship
2. Container vessels
3. Passenger Ship / Cruise Ship
4. Offshore drilling staff
5. Consumption of Remote Island Residents
6. Consumption Where There Is No More Fresh Water Or Brackish Water
7. Power Plan
8. Wtp-Hotel / Coastal Shore
We Assemble From 1000 Liter / Day Capacity Up To 1,000,000 Liter / Day.

MITRA WATER Jl. No Rose. 43 Surabaya

Tel: 031-5454849, 031 -5313509

Fax: 031-5313509

Hp: 081234590404, 087854449399, 085733669931

BB PIN: 5B1540B3

Email: [email protected]


Malang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi Temple no. 48 Malang.

HP: 081216666753, 082233334224

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