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Anthracite Filter Media
Anthracite Filter Media
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The following is an understanding of Anthracite used in water filter media. Anthracite is called hard coal which has a semi-metallic black color and is slightly brownish. Because anthracite has a high carbon content. Antrasite in water filter media is often used simultaneously with silica sand or zeolite sand.


The use of anthracite in water filter media to remove turbidity in water. Because of the presence of carbon in anthracite which has a high level of resistance or resistance to various chemicals. So Anthracite is very suitable for use in urban areas that require clean water or the water treatment industry.


Anthracite has many advantages and disadvantages in the water treatment system. Between anthracite and silica sand or zeolite sand, water treatment is like the two most effective components in a water filter system. If only with one filter sand media, turbidity will only be left on the surface.


High anthracite resistance to chemicals has cavities like pores, as well as carbon contained in anthracite which is insoluble in water. Anthracite is very suitable if used in industrial water treatment. If the filter processing is added with anthracite, the ability to remove turbidity will increase.



Following are the Advantages of Anthracite:


· Anthracite can improve treatment in water


· Anthracite has a high resistance to chemicals


· Anthracite is very suitable for use in urban and industrial water treatment systems


· Anthracite will be very effective when combined with silica sand / zeolite sand


· Anthracite has carbon insoluble in water.






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