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Filter Demin De Mineralizes Filters, Filter Demin. De Mineralizes Is A Technology To Remove All Minerals And Salts From Water. De mineralizes Will remove all the Cations And Anions in the water to produce pure water with a Conductivity less than 10 Microsecond de Mineralizes/Cm. Suitable for use In commercial and industrial Scale to produce pure water. Demineralisasi Is Performed By Passing The Water Through Ion Exchange Column Containing The Cation And Anion Resin. De Mineralizes Suitable Used In Industry: -Power Plants -Chemical Plant -Food And Beverage Processing Plants -Pharmaceutical Industry -High Pressure Boiler Feed Water The Advantage Of Using Our Deminineralizer: -Complete And Easy Operation For Regeneration. -All Pumps Are Controlled In One Electrical Panel. -Equipped With Flowmeter And Metering Valves To Control The Dose Of Chemicals Regeneration. -All Connection Pipes And Pvc, Aw Grade Is To Prevent Corrosion

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