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Iron And Manganese Filter
Iron And Manganese Filter
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Specification of Iron And Manganese Filter

Iron And Manganese Filter Iron And Manganese Filter Serves To Remove All Colloidal Dissolved Form Of Iron And Manganese. Iron And Manganese Filter Is Widely Used For Water Treatment In Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Restaurants And Drinking Water Treatment. Ferolite Acts As A Catalyst To Improve The Reaction Between Dissolved Oxygen (Do) And Dissolved Iron And Manganese. Dissolved Iron And Manganese Will Change To Form Colloids, Which Are Very Easy To Remove By Filtration. Cara Murky yellow water And cope with the smell. How To Troubleshoot Water Turbid And Smelly Yellow Is Very Easy. There Are Several Ways And Let Us Refer To Select The Best Ways That Effective. Yellow Cloudy Water Problems As Well As Public Rust Smell Oily Due To Iron (Fe) And Manganese (Mg) Levels Of Excess In The Water Causing The Sediment On Bak/Shelter, Blockage In Pipeline Installation So That The Discharge Water Shrinks, Home Furnishings Becomes Damaged Due To Flak Yellow/Black, Use Mencuci Dull Discolored Clothes Etc. Water problems like this makes Us So Giddy less leisure stay, Spending Was So increased. General Characteristics Of Water Contains Iron And Manganese That Is Yellow, Murky Water There Is No Foul Smell/Odor Iron, Water Came Out Clear But Kadang2 If Deposited A Few Moments Become Discolored Water Rather Slippery, Conditions, Bad Taste, If Used In The Body Of The Sticky Mandi. Water Containing Iron And Manganese If Filtered Using The Filter B

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