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Filter water well Drill 1 Tube
Filter water well Drill 1 Tube
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Sell Filter water well Drill 1 Tube

Specification of Filter water well Drill 1 Tube


Do you live in urban areas? Using well water? Troubled with well water? If your answer is YES, then you need to consider the solution that we provide.

Well water is one of the main sources of clean water for people living in cities. In order to obtain these water sources, humans generally make wells or drill wells. Generally, well water in the city has several problems that are often faced:

Bad smell
The laundry has yellow stains
High lime content
Tandon often crusts
You don't need to worry, MITRA WATER has the right solution. We offer a Drilling Well 1 Tube Water Filter package, as the name suggests this well filter only uses one tube which can overcome 4 problems.

The advantages of our products:

Eliminate odor
Purify water
Reducing lime levels
Remove crust
Easy and fast installation.
The period of replacement of filter media in the period of 1-2 years, so it does not need to drain.
The filter tube holds pressure up to 6 bars so the tube is not easily broken.
The position of the filter tube installation right after the pump so that the filtered water can flow to several points (bathtub, water reservoir, washing dish and clothes) are in clear condition and do not smell.
Simple isn't it? If you are interested please contact the contact that is printed on our website. Easy and fast installation. Water deposition is lost. The water becomes clear without having to be drained. You are satisfied too

The filter can only be used for daily needs and not for immediate drinking, if you want to be more practical with a ready-to-drink filter, use the RO Machine. For more details, please visit our website and get some interesting products for you !!

Specifications of 1 tube drill well water filter:

Capacity: maximum 1200 Liter per hour
1 FRP 10 Filter tube "
Active sand media filter
Manganese green sand media filter
Activated carbon media filter

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